Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Are you an employer in one of the skills shortage areas?

The Department of Employment has just released a report on the occupations which were assessed in 2014-15 by the Department of Employment specifically for South Australia, for which shortages or some recruitment difficulty is evident.

These lists are summary in nature and should be viewed in the context of the more detailed analysis available in the occupational reports which are published on the Department’s website. Click here.

In summary most of the occupations in shortage are in the trades area in the building and construction industries such as: bricklayers, cabinetmakers, stonemasons, plasterers, roof tilers and wall and floor tilers.
Whilst the automotive manufacturing industry is in close down mode, occupations in the aftermarket/repair industry are having difficulty being filled. Examples are, automotive electricians, motor mechanics, diesel motor mechanic and panelbeaters.
There is also a shortage of specialist skilled workers in the Fitter and Metal Machinist (First Class) Engineering Trades Workers area.
Specialist areas such as bakers and hairdressers continue to be occupations difficult to fill.

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