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Fair Go! Press release

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Give older job seekers a Fair Go!

DOME (Don’t Overlook Mature Age) has launched its Fair Go! campaign designed to promote awareness of the value of the older job seeker.
Mr Greg Goudie, Executive Director of DOME said, “Older job seekers have been overlooked for too long and in the current employment market they are finding it more difficult to get a Fair Go!”
“All most older job seekers want is a fair go when applying for jobs, they just want the opportunity to be considered and not dismissed because of their age. They just want a fair go to demonstrate their skills and experience.”

DOME has been providing employment services for people over the age of 40 here in South Australia since 1981. Over that period they have assisted over 15,000 people into employment.
Mr Goudie said, “when I joined DOME in 2001, there were about 1,000 people registered with DOME seeking employment and with new people joining and others finding work, it stayed at about that level for many years. Then after the GFC the number started to climb and today we have close to 2,500 people actively seeking work.”
Mature age people are losing their jobs and with less jobs available they are finding it more difficult to get back into employment in the current market.
Over the coming months DOME will be campaigning to create greater awareness of the value of the older worker. “They have valuable experience and strong life skills that would be of benefit to any business in any position.” Mr Goudie said
Part of this program is to refresh the DOME image and make the services more relevant in todays’ employment market.

“We want to communicate the various services that DOME can offer to not just job seekers, but also to employers generally. It will be our challenge to ensure employers know there is great value in older workers and help them to recruit, retain, retrain and promote them.” Mr Goudie said.
The economy at all levels is facing serious difficulties and by giving these people employment opportunities they will have pay packets and not dole cheques which will generate more growth in the economy which can further support more employment opportunities.

The Australian Human Rights Commission, via Deloitte estimates that a 5% increase in paid workforce participation by people over 55 nationwide would add $48 billion to Australia’s economy.

To kick start the campaign DOME has presented awards to 4 organisations who over the years have supported the older worker through the use of DOME services. The Minister for Ageing and Volunteers, Ms Zoe Bettison presented the DOME Fair Go Awards.
The Adelaide Convention Centre has regularly sought older workers through DOME and the Human Resources Manager, Linda Sellers accepted the DOME Fair Go! Award for large business. Warren Stephenson a 76 year old employee at the Convention Centre was presented with a special award.
The Fair Go! Award for the Small to Medium Enterprise went to DYNEK who have been actively supporting DOME since 2002. DYNEK is a South Australian manufacturer of high quality sutures that are exported all around the world. To show they are fair to all ages, DYNEK also has a Young Graduate program to assist students get that first professional placement. The award was accepted by Dr Patricia Crook A.O. the President of DYNEK.
The DOME Fair Go Regional Award was presented to Marina Wagner Executive Officer of the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority. Demonstrating her support for mature age unemployed, Marina was once a Board member of DOME and the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority has supported DOME’s efforts in helping mature age get work in a region that sometimes struggles with employment opportunities.
The DOME Fair Go Not for Profit award went to Hands On SA who have used DOME to source various employees for over 14 years. Hands On SA is passionate about helping customers with effective business solutions while enriching the lives of people with a disability. The award was presented to Roy Arnold the Chairman of Hands On SA

Fair Go! award winners with the Minister, Executive Director and Chair of DOME.

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