Thursday, 3 July 2014

DOME Free Employment Service.

We just wanted to let you know that we currently have just over 2,000 mature age people registered with DOME, seeking employment.
As DOME is not part of the Centrelink/Job Services employment assistance program these people have no requirement by Centrelink to be registered with DOME. So we know that the majority of these people are enthusiastic and serious about finding sustainable employment.
We can help you to reduce your recruitment time and costs by providing you with a quality shortlist of carefully selected candidates within a short period of time (24 hours). We’re focused on matching the right candidate with the right business and securing a mutually beneficial outcome.

If you have a need for new staff for any hours or any paid occupation, please give us a call 8410 4344 or visit our website and download the Job Registration Form.

New Wage Subsidy for Mature Age.

Lost in amongst the Federal Government Budget announcements is a new program to assist employers when hiring new staff over the age of 50.
It is called the Restart Wage Subsidy and can be viewed at
In summary a subsidy is available over 2 years to employers who hire an unemployed person over the age of 50 for more than 15 hours/week. The full subsidy of $10,000 is available if the person works for more than 30 hours/week, for between 15 and 29 hours/week the subsidy is paid on a pro rata basis. The subsidy is paid in instalments of 30% at 6 months, 30% at 12 months, 20% at 18 months and 20% at 24 months. An eligible job seeker must have been unemployed and receiving Centrelink benefits for at least 6 months. Applications are on line at the above website and through a Job Service Provider

If we can help with more information, please call:
Kathy, Greg or Kay on 8410 4344 or email to

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